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Leavenworth Washington

Come for a day or a lifetime to the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth Washington

In the early 1960's  the government in the community wanted to change the character of the city to be more inviting and attract tourist. Using the beautiful backdrop of the surrounding Alpine hills to their advantage, the town agreed to remodel the town in the form of a Bavarian village.Leavenworth Washington

Hoping to create more than a mere facelift, the entire community rallied to create the illusion of Bavaria in the middle of Washington state.

Leavenworth's complete renovation of the downtown area drew festivals and conferences around the country. The Autumn Leaf Festival, Mayfest and the extremely popular Christmas Lighting Ceremony were the first of many attractions Leavenworth offered to visitors and residents alike.

Since the change to a Bavarian motif, Leavenworth has become a pillar of the tourism industry in the Pacific Northwest. Today, more than a million tourists come to Leavenworth each year, each visitor finding their own individual love affair with the community.

Leavenworth is known for delightful specialty shops, numerous choices for cozy accommodations, and an active calendar offering a year-round schedule of festivals, music and live theater.   The quaint, Bavarian theme is very at home against the breathtaking backdrop of Washington State's steep, snowy Cascade Mountains soaring thousands of feet above.

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