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help for homeless in okanoganMany find the lack of food and shelter an all too real reality this time of year. For those seeking both the Okanogan Community Action Council runs a variety of home services for those in the area.

This distribution center is the hub for the county's eight food banks and provides home repair, money management services and education on eviction prevention. They also glean unharvested food from orchards and plant gardens where they can to provide local produce to those in need.

Because there are so many fields and farms that need work, the need for homes for many of these workers is scarce. This organization provides homes, education, and food for many of these folks.

They want to provide a safe place people can turn to for help in emergency situations. They help those greatly in preventing many issues before they start. Because the program is so limited, preventing issues before they happen is one was to keep costs low. Education and management can be a great part of this movement.

Churches, farmworker housing, and healthcare organizations have also opened areas to those that need shelter, especially around the cold months.

The volunteers and efforts of those in businesses around the area have helped provide over 17,000 pounds of food every season.

To get involved in this program contact
K.C. Mehaffey: 997-2512



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