Wenatchee Real Estate

Are you ready to sell your Wenatchee real estate in this market?

Remove the disorder and get your home in top shape. Buyers have too many choices now. Do this BEFORE putting your place on the market. We don't want them to remove you because they drove by your household and did not like what they saw. First impressions are key!

Hire a competent, compassionate, and hard in work Realtor who is willing to be resourceful in how he or she markets your residence. Real estate is a local market so it is principal to know what is going on in your area - not just nationally. Have your agent show you in print the reason for the implied list price of your proper
ty. We know this market and know what it takes to sell it. We can offer tips and advice for your specific home in the Wenatchee real estate market.

Diminishing the value is not the only way to get your place sold if it has been on the market for a while. Another way is to drive more traffic through your home by offering incentives to the buyer and/or buyer's agent. Hiking the commission bid to the buyer's agent or deal to pay the buyer's closing costs. However, place a time limit on the incentives to create a sense of urgency.


Keep your home in show clause to admit agents who will ask to show your home at the last minute. Some buyers will come into town for only a day or so to select a place so be as flexible as possible in endorsing showings. You cannot sell your property if no one can come buy your household.

When you are ready to sell, enlist our agents to do the right job for your home. We specialize in Wenatchee real estate and can get it sold!