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Tips for staging your bathroom for sale

Here you will find some simple tips on staging your bathroom. Buyers tend to study bathroom and kitchen remodels the most. This is a good way to stand out.

Start by painting it all in white, cream, pale beige or silver gray. The favorite color scheme is white all over with either silver gray or beige trim. This may sound buyingaustere to you, but it does suggest a recent decorating job to the prospective buyer. Home additions are a great way to boost resale value.

You could completely remodel your bathroom just by using color - or rather neutral non-color! Do not be tempted to omit painting the bathroom ceiling. It may look pristine now, but once the walls are completed, the white of the ceiling will look shabby. Keep a fan running near the open window and do it all in one go.

If you are replacing flooring in the bathroom, then check out the bamboo colored wood floor tiles. Choose the same tone in your bathroom storage baskets, to carry the look through. If your bathroom still has all the teak or dark wood trim, consider painting them all white if they are not oiled.

buying a home in wenatchee washingtonIf the sealant around the tub is old or grubby, it is a few dollars for you to replace it and it makes a big difference. Putting in a new set of bathroom taps will especially enhance the vanity unit; it is easy to do and also very inexpensive.

Once you have the bathroom decorated, resist the temptation to go out and buy some nice brightly colored towels and baths to 'liven it up'! This is a dated idea, and your bathroom will look more attractive if you stick to the neutrals and earth tones.

The type of lighting you have will also make a big difference to your color choice, so look at your two by two foot painted sample and decide if you really like the shade, by morning, by evening and by artificial light.

A shower curtain with a filmy over-curtain will soften the feeling of having a cold plastic sheet around the bath tub. If you are lucky enough to have room for a narrow shelf unit or side table, this would go a great way towards promoting the haven atmosphere. It is somewhere to rest your glass of wine, cup of coffee or book!

For more tips on your specific Wenatchee real estate home or property, contact us today and we can offer details for your particular house.