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Curb Appeal in the Winter

    Besides having the best buyers market of the year, many sellers list their home in the summer to take advantage of how colorful and nice looking the yard andbuying a home in wenatchee washington landscape can be. Most yards need some weeding, watering, and a weekly lawn mowing in the warm seasons to look welcoming, but the colorful, blooming flowers in your yard takes care of the rest. While a well-groomed yard doesn't just happen on its own, it is relatively easy to make your yard look welcoming even in the winter months.

   One of the causes in fall that creates some hassle to a home owner who's trying to sell their home during fall months is the falling leaves. Though they are beautiful, fallen coloured leaves can be bad for your lawn, look messy when they start to break down, and can be slippery on walkways and stairs. Fallen leaves also tend to clog your gutters and downspouts.

    Be sure to remove any dead plants from your flower or vegetable garden too; an abundance of decaying plant-life can make your yard look messy and decayed. Clean up the stray branches and sticks lying around the yard as well. A lot of the yard waste that you clean up can go into your compost bin, but make sure that you don't add anything that is diseased or has seed pods that you don't want sprouting in your compost in the spring. Plus you don't want anything in your compost pile that can put off a bad smell. Don't prune any bushes or trees at this time unless specified for that particular species; early pruning can encourage new growth in some plants which will be damaged when it gets too cold.

   Beautiful landscapes don't just happen but in the fall and winter it can take a lot of work. But while a beautiful summer yard might seem ideal for selling your home, it isn't hard to maintain your yard so that it looks inviting to buyers in the fall as well.

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